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Neil Young / Young zine  
A zine about CSN&Y
A5 8 p. Edition of 20 Nov. 2013
Maybe sometime video  
Oh Lord I am so bored
Video 2'40 Oct. 2012
Ripley Spears video  
I met Britney and Ripley
Video 2'28 Jul. 2012
Longboard visual  

Won a design contest (@Feisty Crew Longboards) with this visual.
...waiting for it to be made !...

Oct. 2013
Jungle Booklet  
A grroarzine done in collab with Julia Allemandet
fanzine alice maitre
fanzine alice maitre
200 x 290 mm 32 p. soft cover Edition of 30 june 2011
concrete wave pictures  
a series of photographs of the Marchaux Classic Freeride event
photo alice maitre
Marchaux Classic Freeride 2012 More here